Golf Lessons

Joan, my wife, had taken a summer semester course of golf back in college and for some time now I’ve urged her to come out with me. I figured we would be able to spend more time together that way. Recently she surprised me by taking golf lessons. She started with our local course’s female golf pro, but after only a couple of lessons she came home and told me the woman had left and she was switched to one of the male pros. Not that I figured I had anything to be jealous about, nor that she should have felt the need to tell me, but after twenty-five plus years of marriage we kept few secrets. Now I say I had no jealous bone in my body, but one day I got off work early and went by the course to check out my wife during one of her lessons. Well let’s just say it was an eye opener…and it wasn’t because of her new found ball driving ability.

Her pro instructor looked as if he must have been a somewhat recent college grad. He looked like an every sport kind of jock actually. He was tall, rather good looking and although I don’t swing that way, I couldn’t help but notice those khaki golf slacks of his showed off a rather athletically tight butt…not to mention that young flat belly.

Now that’s what made me jealous!

I consider myself to be in good shape for a late forties kind of guy, but my friends and I have this thing about what we call the young ‘flat bellies’ out there. Don’t know why but we get ticked when we are ever paired up with one of them that thinks just because we are old…older…we can’t play as hard and long as them. We tend to show most of them up and outlast them though.

Anyway, enough of my man jealousy…

On that day it didn’t take five minutes of clandestinely watching my wife with her young golf pro to notice he was definitely a very ‘hands on’ instructor. He was continually touching my wife, moving her hands on the club or positioning her shoulders and hips by pawing her with his big athletic hands. Knowing my wife the way I do though, if it was bothering her she would have told him so, or better, turned around and slapped that poor young man silly. But she didn’t. Instead I saw the cutest little grin on her face, one that said she was enjoying more than the attention to her golf swing.

I grinned along with her and just sat on a bench waiting for her lesson to finish. I have to be honest my grin was very selfish in nature as it was predicated on the idea that whatever arousal she was getting from the young man would be taken out on me later.

Let’s just say I was indeed very pleased with that evening’s bedroom activities.

* * * * *

Last Monday I took the day off from work. I drove Joan to her golf lesson which that day was going to be a morning round of golf, nine holes. I figured I’d hit a few balls on the driving range and get some sorely needed practice with my putter while she played and then we’d go to lunch after.

I kissed Joan to send her off to her lesson and was about to go to the snack bar to get a bottle of water before heading out to the driving range when I saw a young man approach. He was dressed in a white polo shirt with the club logo at his left breast.

As he got closer I recognized him as my wife’s young golf pro, Roger.

“Good morning Mrs. Johnson.” He came up and put out his hand to Joan.

“Good morning Roger,” she took his big hand in her two smaller ones. “And I’ve told you about that, its Joan.”

“Yes, I know, sorry…Joan.” He said very apologetically as my wife continued to squeeze his hand and smile up at the tall young man.

“Good morning, Roger.” I held out my hand.

Joan seemed to blink and come back into our world. “Oh, yes, Roger this is my husband, Jim.” She also released his hand so he could shake mine.

“Yes, Mr. Johnson, nice to meet you, sir.” he said. Roger was strong as he had a heck of a grip.

“Uh, same goes for me, it’s Jim, please.” I shook trying to give back as much as I was getting, squeezing his hand harder. “My wife says she loves your golf lessons.”

“Uh… yeah. She’s a quick learner,” he replied our handshake breaking as he looked down at my wife.

“She says you’ve been very patient and are very complimentary even when she does things wrong.”

“I believe in creating an encouraging atmosphere. And besides she picks up on things very quickly as I say and gets after anything I teach her pretty aggressively.”

Joan reached out and touched the young man’s bare arm. “You are an excellent teacher. How could I not pay attention and do what you ask of me?”

I swear if this had been Joan’s college summer class she’d have been the classic fawning coed at that moment. Her voice and the near crimson blush in her face told me she truly enjoyed her time with her golf instructor.

Roger cleared his throat and looked back at me. “Uh, Mr. Johns…I mean Jim, you look like you’re dressed to play today. Gonna head out for a round, too?”

I laughed and put my arm around my giddy wife. “No, but I thought it was such a beautiful day out I’d spend a couple hours on the range while you take care of my wife for nine holes. Then we’d get a bite after.”

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“Actually I planned on making it eighteen today. If that’s alright Mrs. Johnson, damn I mean Joan?” He looked at my wife again who I immediately caught looking at this young man with what I swear was a mischievous smirk on her pretty face.

“Sure. If you think I’m ready?” Her face and voice still echoed of the giddy coed.

I grinned again thinking back to last week and the measure of pleasure I had derived from this kind of flirting. I was already lusting, I mean looking ahead to tonight’s bedroom rendezvous.

“You’re ready.” Roger said as he smiled back at her. Then he turned back to me. “In fact, Jim, I have only one other appointment today which makes for a threesome. Would you like to join us for a little extra time on the course and make a full foursome? It would even be free as you’ll be with the teaching pro.” At that he puffed out his chest in a little bit of cockiness. At that I suddenly saw one of those ‘flat bellies’ in my mind, somehow though this one wasn’t bothering me as much as he was fascinating me in getting my wife all excited.

“How can I pass up a free round of golf and more time to spend with my lovely wife?” I snuggled up close.

Surprisingly I got a peck on the cheek for my most complimentary comment. Joan wasn’t all into her young stud, I did exist in her world after all.

“Great then we’ll meet you two up by the first tee, say in about fifteen minutes?”

“Sounds good.”

Roger and I shook hands again before he walked away. And when I turned to say something to Joan I caught her biting her lower lip watching the young man and not too pretentiously right at that tight back side walk on out of her sight.

Okay maybe I wouldn’t exist as long as I was competing with that. I rather involuntarily squeezed my cheeks together. Then chuckled inside to myself; my butt wasn’t so bad still!

“Come on, dear.” I took Joan’s hand. “Let’s get some water before we go out to play.”

“Sure.” My wife snuggled up beside me as we walked. “I think it may get hot out there today.”

We drove in our golf cart up to the first tee and found Roger standing next to a cart with a young woman. To say the least the woman was very attractive, in my opinion anyway. She was dressed in a very summer-like outfit which included a thin white camisole top and a very short yellow skirt. Her long brown hair draped midway down her back and was tied in a loose ponytail.

“Hi guys.” Roger spun around as we pulled up.

No sooner had I gotten out of the cart than the young woman came up to us with her small hand outstretched. “Hi, I’m Sally.”

Joan made the long stride in front of me and took the woman’s hand first. “I’m Joan, nice to meet you.”

I came up and stuck out my hand, “Hi, I’m Jim.” We shook hands and smiled at one another.

Now up close I saw Sally was maybe a couple inches shorter than my wife with some wonderful curves in all the right places. Her breasts weren’t large but they certainly fit her petite frame very well. Incredibly, I felt a bit of a stirring in my shorts as I looked at her, trying to imagine her out of her cute golf outfit.

Before I could get too distracted I quickly turned, closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to get that very naughty thought out of my mind, especially since my wife was standing right next to me. When I opened my eyes again I found myself staring at Joan as she retrieved her driver from her golf bag. I smiled as I had to admit my wife looked great in her golf outfit, too. Joan is 5’7″ with auburn colored hair, tinted somewhat with a mature gray now. She has the most tantalizing green eyes, eyes that look right into you and warm you like nothing else. She also has the greatest legs and under those sexy white shorts of hers they were shown off very well. By the way, she has some sizable breasts which were also shown off well that day in the snug pink golf blouse she wore. Her proud large nipples displayed themselves very nicely, too, even through the bra she wearing.

Yep, my own beautiful lady was showing off her sexy self last Monday morning.

Roger came over, club in hand. “Okay, we aren’t going to be rushed today. I found out they are going to close the course for an hour or so after we tee off so they can get ready for the charity best ball tournament coming up later this morning.”

“Good, I hate to be pushed. I like to take it slow.” Sally offered as she looked right up at me.

That stirring in my shorts was suddenly back.

“Me too,” Joan said behind me and then I felt her goose me in the butt with her golf club. When I looked around she winked at me.

I was busted.

“Sounds good to me.” I replied to Roger but still looked at my lovely and obviously frisky wife. “But you’re the boss today. Teach these ladies like you would without me here. I’ll just play along.”

“I’m sure I can learn something from you, too, Jim.” Sally said as she swung her club back and forth and looked at me with a gaze I swear was more than a passing appreciative glance. “I mean, you look like you’re good at…” she paused and adjusted her hands on the golf club, running them down the shaft grip, “at a lot of things, including golf.”

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I blinked hard, felt the stirring again, and immediately whirred my head around to look in Joan’s direction. She was already heading up the tee box driver in hand. But she was also shaking her head back and forth obviously having heard what I had just heard and the way I heard it.

I shook my head, too, and reached for my driver in my bag on the back of the golf cart.

“Oh, by the way Jim, we’ll play from the ladies tees today to make it easier and so I can focus on teaching.” Roger said.

“Sounds good.” I replied and looked back to see Roger had an iron in his hand.

Of course the young pro could probably smack his long iron further than I could my old wood. But I dropped the driver back in the bag and pulled out my five wood just to make it look a little better. I think I was going to have to defer to this ‘flat belly’, besides he was a pro, but I still wanted to be respectable. The ladies tee was about thirty yards up from the men’s tee and this first hole was a relatively short par four anyway.

“Jim, why don’t you start us off and give the ladies something to shoot for?” Roger stood at the back of the elevated tee box and rested his hands on his iron.

“Sure. I can do that.” Although as I said it, the previous stirring in my shorts quickly became a churning in my stomach as I knew I was on tap now to make at least a decent showing to start out. I teed up my ball, took my practice swings and settled into my stance. I took my breath and then my back swing and let loose. The result wasn’t bad, off to the left and maybe fifty or so yards from the green. Good first drive for me.

“Sally, how about you go next?” Roger asked.

“Thank you, don’t mind if I do.” The young woman strutted, and I mean strutted up to the tee. Her skirt sashayed behind her, not that I was looking that closely of course. But I do admit I wish I had been on the other side of the tee box when she bent down to push her little wooden tee into the ground. From the look on Roger’s face, with eyebrows raised and eyeballs bulging I’d say he was getting an eyeful. I could only imagine what color underwear he was getting a look at. Or maybe she was wearing one of those skimpy thongs!

Anyway, she got all situated and took her swing. Pretty good for a beginner I thought. Not long, but right down the middle of the fairway.

“Nice drive,” I offered up as I would most anyone on the first tee with a shot that good.

“Thank you, it felt good,” Sally replied, “real good.” Then she walked slowly by me with a broad smile on that pretty face of hers.

Damn, that stirring again! This was going to turn out to be one hell of a day golfing, good or bad…torture or pleasure…I wasn’t sure which at the moment.

“Joan, you’re next.” Roger called out.

“Thank you,” my wife answered and made her way up and teed up her ball. And damn if she didn’t put on a show doing it! Again, like Sally, all for Roger’s benefit presumably as her backside swayed practically in his face. She finally did straighten up and take her golf stance.

“Let’s see if I remember how to do this right.” She stood on the tee box and addressed her ball. “I know, knees bent, head down, don’t stand up, nice steady back swing.”

From my view I enjoyed a free unencumbered look at her front side. I swear I was innocently looking as I waited intently for her to swing. While I held my breath for her, she hit the ball a good hundred and fifty yards, straight as an arrow, right in the middle of the fairway. She looked at me and gave me a little smile of satisfaction. “I think the lessons are paying off, what do you think Jim?”

“I’d say so.” I watched her bend back over and jut her backside out at Roger once again. The man’s eyes blinked but obviously got a full shot of what she was showing. I’m sure the smooth white material across her butt showed of my wife’s curves very well.

“Yes, very good drive, Mrs. Johnson.” He choked out more than spoke.

“Now Roger,” Joan stood and faced the young man, “one last time, it’s Joan.”

“I’m sorry,” Roger said as he walked up beside her, “must be my southern upbringing calling ladies by their last name.”

“Well, we are in the South, but I’d still prefer you call me Joan.” My wife reached out and touched his arm again before he walked by her to tee up his ball.

“Yes, Joan, I will from here out.”

Roger teed up and struck his drive without a moment’s hesitation. He struck it so perfect he drove the green, even with the damn iron!

“Wow! Good Shot!” Sally called out.

“Oh my gosh!” I heard Joan nearly squeal. “You are good!”

Roger picked up his broken tee and tossed it into the basket at the side of the tee box. “Thanks, but we’ll get you two playing that good before your lessons are all over.”

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“Yeah, right!” Joan came back. “I don’t have the body and muscles you have to make that kind of shot.”

As if I have to tell you, yes, I caught her ogling that body and muscles of his as she said that. Okay, now maybe I was getting just a little jealous.

We started off on a very relaxed round. I also played the first couple of holes in my own little world as Roger worked with the ladies, taking time to adjust a few things with their stances or swings as we went along. On the fourth hole I hit a pretty good drive and fairway shot ending up a few yards in front of the green. I choked down on a seven iron, hitting a running shot into the uphill green, the ball broke toward the hole and with a last roll of effort eased over the edge of the cup.

“Yes!” I yelled a bit louder than I should have I know, but it had been a long time since I’d stuck a pitch to the green, let alone for a birdie. Granted it had started from the ladies tee, but it was still only three strokes!

“Helluva shot,” Roger called to me from across the fairway where he stood next to Sally.

“Yeah, show off, good shot,” Joan said as she walked by me. As she did she slapped me hard on the backside. “Nice butt today, by the way.” She whispered the latter.

“It’s all your anytime you want it.” I replied following behind her.

“You just keep your eyes and your butt, along with that protrusion of yours up front in check the rest of the day and we’ll see whether I wear your butt out tonight.” She added without looking back once and took her seat in the cart.

Three things here, first I was still stoked at my perfect golf shot, second she obviously noticed the attention I was paying our young lady golfer and third she was offering up the suggestion of a hot night in our bed that night. In both cases, I had another stirring working in my shorts by the time I sat down next to her in the cart.

Before I hit the accelerator I leaned over and tried to get a kiss.

“Just drive, Mr. Show-Off.” She stuck up her hand to my face.

When we all arrived up at the green the other three took putters in hand as I walked up and retrieved my ball then tended the pin for them. Joan putted first and missed by a couple feet on her first, but sank the second for a double bogey. Sally stepped up to her ball as she reached back and playfully fluffed the back of her short skirt. She must have sensed the attention, as the gal’s head slowly turned back, peering over her shoulder at me. Yes, this time I was on the right side for a nice view. Sally fluttered her eyes at me with what I swear was the very same coy expression on her face she’d given me back on the first tee. I know she caught me ogling, but she just grinned before she returned her attention to her ball and putt. She proceeded to make a nice smooth stroke and the ten-footer rolled along until it clanked into the bottom of the cup.

“Nice putt.” I complimented her.

“Thank you,” She replied as she walked to the hole then proceeded to bend over instead of kneeling down to retrieve her ball. I was sure neither of the other two could see what I saw from my vantage point. I also was certain Sally knew it. My face turned red as although I tried to avert my eyes, she remained bent over taking her time fishing her golf ball out of the cup. I was totally flustered as our little game of golf had suddenly jumped up a level as she delightfully allowed me a chance to check out her bare ass. When I mean ‘bare ass’ I mean a perfectly bared ass. She wasn’t wearing any underwear! No thong, no nothing.

I think I was in shock at that point, so much so to even think about getting a good stirring going in my shorts then. If my jaw didn’t drop it missed a good chance.

“Nice putt Sally.” I heard Joan say and looked up to see her giving little golf claps.

“Thank you,” the young woman said as she pranced off the green by me, “that felt really good, too.” As she walked by she smiled and batted her eyes and I swear took a glance at my crotch.

I was in a funk for the next several seconds trying to get the vision of a cute bared ass out of my brain. While I worked on that Roger putted. He actually missed his first putt, which may have been about twenty feet or so. But he still tapped in for a birdie.

“Okay, on to hole number five, coincidentally a par five ladies.” The pro said as I replaced the flag.

I got in our cart and Joan put her putter back in the bag and came around to join me. No sooner had she sat down than I hit the pedal and we lurched forward. She jerked back.

“What…in a hurry?” Joan blurted out.

“Sorry,” I offered. But still I couldn’t get Sally’s flashing me out of my head. I had to say something or I’d burst I knew it and honesty still reigned between my wife and I.

“You know how much I like it when you don’t wear panties?” I asked as we rolled along the cart path.

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