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What game modes (online and offline) are available in-game?

Online game modes:

Online game modes support simultaneous play for up to 16 players and include the following game mopeds.

  • COMPETITIVE mode is ranked matchmaking to test your skills in numerous game types including 9 and 18 hole rounds.
  • SOCIAL mode allows you to play against similarly skilled players online in a more relaxed unranked environment, offering multiple ways to play such as 9 and 18 hole rounds.
  • PRIVATE MATCH mode allows you to group up with your friends and play online together with full control of gameplay and round settings allowing you to fully customize your round.

Offline game modes:

  • If you just want to dive in quickly and play a round, QUICK PLAY is exactly what you’re looking for. Quick play can also be played as local multiplayer (couch co-op) with up to 4 golfers offering varying ways to compete such as match play, skins, alternate shot rules, and more.
  • CAREER MODE is an offline mode that will be playable at launch (but will require an online connection). You’ll hear more about that during our career mode deep dive in the coming weeks.
  • CHALLENGES provides bite-sized experiences of various lengths. Ranging anywhere from a 4 hole challenge to recreating a golfer’s hot streak from a recent PGA Tour event, to single shot challenges where you, for example, are given 5 opportunities to hit a specific shot, challenges are short yet difficult moments for you to grow your skills and earn rewards. Within Challenges mode, there’s “PGA Coach Skill Center” which is a great way to learn more about game mechanics, shot types, and the game of golf in general.
  • TOURNAMENTS provides limited-time tournaments for players to go in by themselves and submit a score to a global leaderboard that other users are also submitting to. From here, the game gives you a final rank that is paid out in rank points based on finishing position. Most of it is stroke play, where the number of holes can be variable. Ongoing seasonal events throughout the pro golf calendar can also alter the tournaments for different settings on different courses.
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