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GTA 5 Cheats and Codes for PS5, PS4 & PS3

GTA 5 Cheats and Codes for PS5, PS4 & PS3

Snap your fingers and anything becomes possible with GTA 5 cheats.

All GTA 5 Cheats PS5 / PS4 / PS3

How-to Disable GTA 5 Cheats

To disable or turn off a cheat that you have activated, simply enter the cheat code / button combo for it again. For cheats that have progressive effects (like the weather cheat or slow motion aim), you might need to enter the code again multiple times to cycle through all the different effects until you get to the one that disables the cheat.

Tips for Using GTA 5 cheats

  • Save your game progress before you before use any cheats and make sure you load that same saved game up when you are finished using cheats.
  • You can’t earn Achievements or Trophies if cheats have been active in your current session.
  • To earn Achievements or Trophies again, you need to load up your last “clean” saved game, the one you made before you started using cheats.
  • You can complete missions if you have used cheats in your current session, but as noted above, you will not be able to earn Trophies.
  • Several cheats, such as the invincibility cheat, will not work during missions. Instead, you will get the following message you when try and activate them: “Cheat denied: Not available on a mission or pastime.” Check the full list of cheats that won’t work in missions. Plus, if start a mission with those cheats already active, they will be deactivated automatically.
    "Cheat denied: Not available on a mission or pastime."
    This is the message you’ll see if you try and activate a cheat like invincibility during a mission.
  • The above tips regarding cheats and missions apply equally to when you are doing pastimes as well.
  • If something isn’t spawning for you when you enter the cheat, try moving into a bigger space, so that it has more room to spawn. This also helps you avoid accidentally destroying the vehicle or getting it stuck in an inaccessible area.
  • Press the button combinations quickly. If you aren’t fast enough, the game won’t recognize the cheat code.
  • Make sure you’re in a safe location in the game (away from enemies and vehicle traffic) and have a clear understanding of the required button sequence before entering a cheat code.
  • Some cheats can be toggled on and off by entering the same code again, while others are one-time-use only. For example, the invincibility cheat only lasts for five minutes and you’ll need to re-enter the code once the effect wears off.

Cons of Using Cheats

There aren’t many drawbacks to using cheats in GTA, provided that you always remember to save your game before doing so, and that you return to that same “clean” save game once you are finished using cheats.

If you do use cheats to pass missions, then just remember that you won’t earn any of the usual Trophies or Achievements that you normally would for progressing through the game. Those can only be awarded when you are playing on a “clean” save file.

In addition, using cheats to progress through the game can make it too easy, taking away from the sense of accomplishment that comes when you beat it.

Just remember that GTA 5 has great story featuring multiple characters that will keep you hooked to the end. Also, it’s relatively “finishable” for most gamers. Sure, you will inevitably need to repeat some missions more than once, but the challenge is what makes it fun. GTA 5 is certainly not a Soulslike game and Rockstar has struck a great balance between difficulty, enjoyment and accomplishment.

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