Leisure Skills

Leisure Skills
Leisure Skills

Can I take a leisure skills course more than once?

You can only receive credit for the same leisure skills course once. For example, if you take LS1450 (Camping and Backpacking) in spring 2012 and successfully complete the course, you cannot receive credit for LS1450 again in any subsequent semester. You can enroll in the course if you choose, but be aware you will not receive credit.

Can I audit leisure skills courses?

No, leisure skills courses cannot be audited. All participants must be registered for the course.

Why are my leisure skills course options full?

Despite the fact that we offer over 100 sections of leisure skills courses each semester, space in our courses does tend to fill up quickly. This is especially true during the initial registration period each semester and for our more popular courses. We recommend you check out our new courses (LS1000) or other LS courses, as you can find space in a new, exciting leisure skill.

We suggest you check back often, especially in the week before and first week of classes as we have considerable turnover during those time periods. Further, we suggest you add yourself to the wait list for your desired course. Finally, you are welcome to contact the instructor to see if he or she is willing to accept an extra student.

I discovered that I need an additional credit past the typical registration period. Can I register for a leisure skills course at any time?

Just like other courses, leisure skills courses typically cover a good deal of material/skills in the beginning of the semester; therefore, leisure skills courses follow the deadlines set by the Registrar’s Office.

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There are some courses (especially those involving out-of-class trips) whose attendance expectations do not allow for registration past the first two or three weeks. The best bet is to check with the instructor of the course to ensure that a late registrant could be successful in the course.

Finally, in the spring semester we do offer LS1010 (Challenge Recreation) that does not start until the middle of spring semester, making late registrations possible.

Do I have to have previous experience in the leisure activity to enroll in a leisure skills course?

No, you don’t have to possess prior experience in the leisure activity to enroll in a leisure skills courses. Our courses are a great fit for beginners, for novices and for seasoned veterans – there’s always a chance to learn something new.

We do offer a few advanced/intermediate courses for those who have either taken a leisure skills course before or have other previous experience in the leisure activity. Prerequisites are provided in the course description in the undergraduate course catalog.

Can graduate students enroll in leisure skills courses?

Yes, graduate students can enroll in leisure skills courses.

What are LS 1000 courses and how are they different from other course options?

LS 1000 courses are how we introduce new courses to the leisure skills curriculum before making them permanent courses.

The LS 1000 course offerings are different every semester and offer students a great chance to try out a new activity.

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Why should I take a leisure skills course?

The leisure skills program aims for its courses to act as an introduction to new activities that could lead to our students finding a lifelong leisure activity. Previous leisure skills students have found our classes to be a way to incorporate activity into their rigorous academic schedule at Clemson. Further, they’ve found leisure skills courses to be a way to meet Clemson students outside their own major. Every student finds different benefits from leisure skills courses, making them a great addition to your Clemson course schedule.

Are leisure skills courses offered during the summer?

Yes, we do offer a limited number of courses (around 2-4 courses) during the summer semesters. Typically, these courses include bowling and basic yoga, among others.

Where do the ideas for leisure skills courses come from?

Our instructors provide the wide array of courses we can offer. Our course ideas come from motivated individuals who are willing to share their expertise and passion for a leisure activity with others. Instructors propose a course idea and it is evaluated for its educational value, lifelong leisure potential and safety. New courses start as LS 1000 courses then progress into permanent courses upon their success.

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