How to get 2024 Burning Man tickets and cost explored

How to get 2024 Burning Man tickets and cost explored
How to get 2024 Burning Man tickets and cost explored

As tens and thousands of people are currently gathering at Burning Man 2023, others may be wondering how to get tickets for 2024, and the cost, as the FOMO starts to kick in.

Last year, demands were through the roof as the festival came back to Nevada after a two-month hiatus, and demands have carried on since. For those who weren’t lucky enough to get tickets this year, fear not as Burning Man 2023 webcast will allow you to watch from the comfort of your own home. And we’re here to make sure you’re on the ball next year.

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Burning Man 2024 dates

Burning Man 2024 is expected to be held from around Sunday 25 August – Monday 2 September As the movement is always held the week prior to and including Labor Day weekend.

In 2023, the event is being held from Sun, 27 Aug 2023 – Mon, 4 Sept 2023, with attendees supporting an Animalia theme.

For those wanting to know when the man burns it’s on the Saturday night before Labor Day. In 2024, Labor Day falls on Monday, September 4.

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How to get tickets to Burning Man 2024

As expected, acquiring tickets to The Black Rock City is very hard, however, if you’re prepared it may just be that bit easier.

Firstly, Burners will have to make sure they make a profile on the official website to register for ticket sales. Those who aren’t registered, will not be able to get tickets.

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In 2023, registration for the FOMO sale opened in Feb, with Approximately 4,000 tickets available.

The main sale opened in April, with 15,000 tickets available, with only two available per person. However, these are only available to those who haven’t previously bought through the FOMO or Stewards Sale.

For those who plan things last minute, the OMG Sale is one of the last chances to buy, with approximately 3,000 tickets available a month before the event starts.

Resale tickets are also sold officially on the Burning Man website.

There are also options to volunteer on the website, meaning you attend for free, whilst working the event.

Burning Man ticket cost explored

The cost of Burning Man tickets will vary, depending on which sale you got them. Prices may vary, but here’s how much they cost in 2023, so you can get a rough idea of how much you’ll be splashing out, as per the Burning Man website.

  • FOMO sale: Approximately 4,000 tickets available, 1,000 at $2,750 each, and 3,000 at $1,500 plus applicable fees and taxes.
  • Main sale: Approximately 15,000 tickets at $575 each, and approximately 5,000 vehicle passes available at $150 each, plus applicable fees and taxes.
  • OMG sale: Approximately 3,000 tickets at $575 each, and approximately 1,500 vehicle passes available at $150 each, plus applicable fees and taxes.
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