Who is Brent Peterson and is he running for president in 2024?

Who is Brent Peterson and is he running for president in 2024?
Who is Brent Peterson and is he running for president in 2024?

Now that Donald Trump has announced that he is officially running to become president again in 2024 he should probably start scouting his opponents and one his biggest is on TikTok.

A random guy named Brent Peterson who goes by the username of @brent1330metalfunk has racked up millions of views after putting himself forward as the next president of the United States.

He shares low-quality videos peppered with weird filters on his TikTok account in which he says he’s fed up on the main political parties and urges viewers to vote for him instead.

He posted his first video in August 2022, and since then he’s gained more than one million followers.

And, to be honest, the most likely explanation behind his videos is that he is joking about the run.

“Nah, f the Republicans f the Democrats, vote for me for president of the United States. I’m Brent Peterson,” he quipped in a video.

And despite having plenty of support, it doesn’t mean he’s got what it takes to become the leader of the US.

It’s not unusual to question where someone as funny and atypical as Peterson came from, but the answer to that question may remain unknown.

Peterson is quite the mystery, and he doesn’t exactly offer many explanations about who he is or where he is coming from.

The only thing he reiterates repeatedly is that he’s Brent Peterson, and he would like people’s support for the presidential election of 2024.

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Certainly, the 2024 presidential election is a few years away, and it’s not clear who the other candidates in the race will be.

President Joe Biden will be 81, and some people out there are wondering if he’ll be too up in age to seek reelection.

And at the same time, former President Donald Trump is also making plenty of steam about the potential of seeking a second term in office.

Loads of politicians want to be president, and now they can count Brent Peterson amongst them.

Although he may not have much support in key states, if there was a primary held on TikTok, Peterson would most likely have an overwhelming win.

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