First Dakota Classic

First Dakota Classic
First Dakota Classic

Round Rules




The qualification round will be the NFAA Classic 600. The round will consist of 4 ends of 5 arrows shot at 3 distances, beginning with the closest distance. The target will be the 6-ring center spot of the 92 cm WAF target face with gold-red-blue, etc. (10 through 6) scoring areas. Cub distances will be 10-20-30 yards, Youth distances will be 30-40-50, and Young Adult/Adult/Senior distances will be 40-50-60 yards. Qualification rounds will begin with 2 official practice ends. There will be no additional practice ends.

The x-ring (innermost ring of 10 ring) is scored and recorded for use in tiebreaks for all Flight and Junior divisions and for qualification/ranking in Championship divisions. If a tie still remains in qualification, ranking order will be decided by a coin toss.


Head-to-head eliminations will be the same target face as the qualification round and will consist of 3 ends of 5 arrows, Cubs at 30 yards, Youth at 50 yards, and Young Adults/Flights and Championship at 60 yards. The total score of the 3 ends will determine the winners, with the x-ring counting as a tiebreaker only in the Flight and Junior divisions. If a tie still remains, the winner will be determined by a single-arrow shoot-off. Each archer will shoot one arrow and the arrow that lands closest to the middle wins the match. If no winner can be decided, the process is repeated until a winner is found. All participants will be allowed one official practice end prior to scoring their first scheduled head-to-head match of the day.

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  1. Each end (time period to shoot five arrows) shall be 4 minutes.
  2. Archers shooting first will shoot the lower target face positions.
  3. An archer shooting before or after the whistle signaling a 4 minute end will lose their highest scoring arrow or arrows equaling the number of errant arrows shot.
  4. If more than 5 arrows are shot during an end, only the lowest 5 arrows will be scored. A penalty of one point will be assessed for each additional arrow shot. Misses or zeros will be counted as lowest arrows.
  5. If an archer shoots less than five arrows in one end, he/she may shoot the remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.
  6. An archer who purposely disfigures a target face to improve aiming or for any other reason, may be disqualified. Arrow holes may be repaired provided there is no delay to the round.
  7. Any archer conducting himself in an unsportsmanlike manner will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified.


  1. The target group will select a score caller, two scorekeepers, and a target captain. The target captain shall be the judge of disputed arrows on his/her target. When a captain’s arrows are in question, the majority of the group shall decide the status of Target Captain’s arrows. When an appeal is made to the line judge, the line judge’s call will be final.
  2. Any archer deliberately touching any questionable arrow or any part of the target assembly (including other arrows, faces, pins, mat or stand) will result in the questionable arrow being scored in the lower scoring area.
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The target face must be placed on the mat in an upright position.

  1. Arrows must touch the line to be in the next highest scoring area.
  2. Any arrow that passes beyond the “dropped arrow” line will be considered a shot arrow.
  3. If an arrow is embedded in the target beyond the nock and a referee cannot determine the value of that arrow, it will be considered a pass through, and will be re-shot. No arrows will be pushed back.
  4. Each competitor must complete and sign his scorecard. Both scorers must also sign it. When there is a difference between the two scores, the lowest score must be taken. ANY ARCHER TURNING IN AN INCORRECT SCORE CARD WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION.
  5. All arrows must remain in the target, untouched, until scoring is completed.
  6. Electronic scoring will be implemented for the 2017 First Dakota Classic. Archers will be responsible for verifying their scores. Scorecards must be turned in to the designated location within 30 minutes after completion of each round. NO EXCEPTIONS Failure to do so will result in that score not counting for the archers’ tournament total. Scoring tablets should be left at the target.


  1. NFAA Rules will apply.
  2. You are expected to know the equipment rules for your division.
  3. No bow with an overdraw will be allowed without an arrow catcher or arrow safety device that provides adequate protection to self and others. All such devices are subject to final approval by tournament officials.
  4. The maximum peak bow weight allowed is 80 lbs.
  5. The maximum arrow speed is 300 fps with a variance of 3%.
  6. Any type of spotting aid may be used provided it does not cause an obstruction or interference to other shooters.
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  1. In the event of equipment failure, step back from the shooting line and raise your bow above your head. A referee will come to your assistance. The archer will have 15 minutes repair time without holding up the tournament. One practice end will be allowed. The archer shall be allowed to shoot any arrows missed during the 15 minutes. All make-up arrows will be shot at the end of the round.
  2. There will be no allowance for equipment failure in shoot-offs or head-to-head matches.


  1. All the protests or grievances must be submitted in WRITING to the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR within one hour of the incident. An incident requiring immediate decision must be brought to the attention of a referee.
  2. All protests and grievances must be accompanied by $50.00. NO CHECKS. IF THE TOURNAMENT RULES COMMITTEE DOES NOT UPHOLD THE PROTEST, THE $50.00 WILL BE FORFEITED.

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