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Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits

Soccer Spirits is an sports CCG/RPG on mobile devices with anime-inspired artwork, a lengthy single player campaign with lots of character dialogue, unique soccer-themed card battles, hundreds of voice-acted cards to collect, and a variety of modes including Galaxy League and asynchronous PVP.

Publisher: Com2uSPlayerbase: High Type: Mobile CCG/RPG Release Date: August 21, 2014 Pros: +Appealing artwork. +Interesting story. +Many cards to collect. +Strategic battle system. +Unique soccer-themed gameplay. Cons: -Repetitive gameplay. -Lots of farming and grinding.

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Soccer Spirits Overview

Soccer Spirits is a 2D CCG/RPG hybrid published by Com2uS, the company behind the popular mobile RPGs, Summoners War and Soul Seeker. Defeat the League of Evil by conquering the Galactic League, a soccer tournament that will determine the fate of the universe. Assemble your team with over 100 cards to collect and create a formation consisting of a front, middle, and back line. Defeat enemy teams in strategic soccer-based combat where players battle for control over the ball and must get past enemy defenders. Immerse yourself in the lengthy Story mode full of character dialogue and charismatic characters. Participate in Challenge Mode, Colosseum of Despair, and asynchronous PVP. Level up, enhance, and evolve your heroes for the ultimate team. Score the final goal and save the universe today!

Soccer Spirits Features:

  • Many Stages to Complete – Participate in hundreds of stage-based soccer matches and battle against a large variety of enemy teams.
  • Anime-inspired Artwork – Each card features high quality, anime-style artwork with special voice-acted lines, unique skills, and varying stats.
  • Strategic Battles – Defeat enemy teams in card-based combat where cards battle for control of the ball and move up and down the field in order to score.
  • Many Cards to Collect – Collect over 100 unique cards and assemble your formation, upgrade your Heroes, and evolve your players to take over the competition.
  • Engaging Story – Experience an interesting story full of characters, dialogue, humor, and more.
  • Online PVP – Fight head-to-head against random players online in strategic, turn-based combat with complete control over each battle.

Soccer Spirits Screenshots

Soccer Spirits Featured Video

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