License and Dependencies

License and Dependencies
License and Dependencies

Hybrid itself is free for personal usage without a hassle. Hybrid is provided “as is”, without any guarantee made as to its suitability or fitness for any particular use. It may contain bugs, so the use of this tool is at your own risk. The author takes no responsibility for any damage that may unintentionally be caused through its use. You may not distribute Hybrid in any form without written permission of the author.

The tools Hybrid uses are mainly under GPL, LGPL and Freeware License Agreement tools.

Here’s a list of all the tools Hybrid uses to do what it does:

  • NVEncC – Windows only ( Windows binaries and Sourcecode) License: MIT
  • x264 (Windows binaries and Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0
  • QSVEnc (Windows and Sourcecode) License: mixed, see download
  • MediaInfo (Windows, Sourcecode) License: LGPL 3.0
  • mkvmerge, mkvextract, mkvinfo (Windows, Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0
  • MP4Box (Windows, Sourcecode) License: LGPL 2.1
  • mp4fpsmod (Windows, Sourcecode) License: mix of MPL 1.1, BSL 1.0, BSD
  • tsMuxeR (Windows, Linux) License: Freeware License Agreement
  • MPlayer, Mencoder (Windows, Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0 (needs to be compiled with libass + fontconf support, to support embedding of text based subtitles)
  • FFmpeg (Windows, Sourcecode) License: LGPL 2.1
    • note that Hybrid depends on tons of libaries to be built with ffmpeg, that most Linux distributions don’t add
  • FFmbc (Sourcecode (latest), Sourcecode (0.7.4 fixed)) License: GPL 2.0
  • Mencoder/MPlayer/ffmpeg plugins: all fall under LGPL 2.1 or GPL 2.0 afaik
    • note that Hybrid depends on tons of libaries to be built with mencoder/mplayer, that most Linux distributions don’t add
  • fhgaacenc (Windows binary, also requires WinAmp installed or at least the libmp4v2.dll and the enc_fhgaac.dll from WinAmp)
  • avsInfo (Windows and Linux) License: free for all
  • oggenc (Windows, Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0
  • FLVExtractCL (Windows&SourceSourcecode, precompiled versions)) License: free I guess, no info
  • opusenc (Windows and Sourcecode) License: BSD
  • aften (Windows and Sourcecode, original source: Sourcecode) License: LGPL 2.1
  • FrameCounter (Binaries and Sourcecode) License: free for all
  • NamedPipe (Windows and Sourcecode) License: free for all
  • sox (Windows and Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0
  • lsdvd (Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0
  • dcaenc (Sourcecode: original, original (fixed git), alternative ffdcaenc-2, windows centric, Windows binary) License: GPL 2.1
  • vStripFree: use vStrip SourceCode from, License: GPL 2.0, Source: -> Download -> Source Codes -> vstrip – add in main.c as line 301 “vsd.flags &= ~vs_DEMACRO;” – change vstrip.h line 141 from “vsv_NONE = 0, vsv_DECRYPT = 0,” to “vsv_NONE = 0, vsv_DECRYPT = 1,” this disable the ability to circumvent CSS & Marcovision copy protection, which is required by german law
  • qaac (Windows, Sourcecode) License: see qaac license, qaac requires the ‘Apple Application Support’-package (which also comes with Safari, QuickTime >= 7.7.1, or iTunes >= 10.5)
  • BDSup2Sub++ (Sourcecode, Windows – more up-to-date versions are found later in the thread) License: Apache 2
  • telxcc (Sourcecode and Binaries, Sourcecode(2.5.3)) License: GPL 2.0
  • DivX265 (Binary, Linux: DivX Download) License: Free?
  • FLACCL (Binary) , License: LGPL
  • x265 (Sourcecode) License: GPL 2.0
  • fdk-aac (Sourcecode) License: specific
  • kvazaar (Sourcecode) License: LGPL
  • vpxenc (Sourcecode) License: special
  • aomenc (Sourcecode) License: special
  • rav1e (Sourcecode) License: special
  • delaycut (Sourcecode) License: GPL 3
  • lame (Sourcecode) License: LGPL 2
  • faac (Sourcecode) License: LGPL 2
  • flac (Sourcecode) License: multiple (FDL, GPL, LGPL, Xiph)
  • nvhsp (Sourcecode, Windows binary) License: CC0
  • Avisynth filters & scripts (some required author authorization for redistribution & co)
    • AddGrainC: author: foxyshadis, download/source
    • HDR AGC: author: Paviko, download/source
    • cnr2: author: MarcFD/tritical, download/source
    • ColorBalance: author: mikeytown2 , download/source
    • ColorMatrix: Wilbert Dijkhof/tritical, download/source
    • daa.avs: author: ? , download/source
    • DctFilter: author: trbarry, download/source
    • deblock: author: Manao & Fizick, download/source
    • DeBlock_QED.avs: author: Didée, download/source
    • Deen: author: MarcFD, download/source
    • DeHalo_alpha: author: Didée, download/source
    • DePan: author: Fizick, download/source
    • DeVeed: author: V. C. Mohan, download/source
    • dfttest: author: tritical, download/source
    • DGMPGDec: author: Donald A. Graft, download/source
    • DGDEcNV: author: Donald A. Graft, download/source
    • ediaa.avs, faa.avs: author: ? , download/source
    • eedi3: tritical, download/source
    • FastLineDarkenMod: author: Didée, download/source
    • FFMpegSource2: author: ffms2-team, download/source
    • FFT3DFilter: author: Fizick, download/source
    • FFT3DGPU: author: tsp, download/source
    • FineSharp.avs: author: Didée, download/source
    • Flash3kYuu_deband: author: SAPikachu, download/source
    • ImageSequence: author: Ernst Peché, download/source
    • LimitedSharpenFaster.avs: author: Didée, download/source
    • LoadDll: author: 3ngel, download/source
    • Logo.avs: author: Dogway, download/source
    • MaskTools: author: Kurosu, Manao, download/source
    • Motion: author: mg262, download/source
    • MotionProtectedFPS.avs: author: foxyshadis, download/source
    • MaskTools2: author: Kurosu, Manao, mg262, download/source
    • QTGMC: author: Didée, Vit, download/source
    • RemoveGrain/Repair/SSE2Tools: Rainer Wittmann, download/source
    • SalFPS3: author: Mug Funky, Didee, download/source
    • SangNom: author: SangNom, download/source
    • SPresso.avs: author: Didée, download/source
    • Stab.avs: author: g-force, download/source
    • SupTile: author: Zach Saw, download/source
    • sRestore: author: MOmonster, download/source
    • TDeint/TIVTC: author: tritical, download/source
    • Unblock: author: Fizick, download/source
    • VagueDenoiser: author: Fizick, download/source
    • VariableBlur: author: tritical, download/source
    • VerticalCleaner: author: kassandro, download/source
    • xy-VSFilter: author: xy-vsfilter team, download/source
    • WarpSharp: author: ?, download/source
    • Yadif: author: Fizick, download/source
    • MosquitoNR: author: mawen1250, download/source
    • HQDeringMod: author: mawen1250, download/source
    • Undot: author: trbarry, download/source
    • LSMASHSource: author: VFR Maniac, download / source
    • Deathray: author: JawedAshraf , download / source
    • LWLibavVideoSource: author: VFR Maniac, download/source
    • Fturn: author: tp7 , download/source
    • SangNom2: author: tp7 , download/source
    • Camcorder Chroma Denoise, author: Sergey Stolyarevskiy, download
    • InterFrame, author: SubJunk, download
    • AutoAdjust, author: LaTo INV, download
    • NLMeansCL2, author: Khanattila, download/source
    • KNLMeansCL, author: Khanattila, download/source
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