Plan A Canyon De Chelly Trip

Plan A Canyon De Chelly Trip
Plan A Canyon De Chelly Trip

Canyon de Chelly National Monument on the Navajo Tribal Nation is one of the most unique natural treasures in Arizona. The Canyon de Chelly hiking opportunities are some of the best in the world. Imagine combining the beauty and scenery of the Grand Canyon with the rich human history of ancient Egypt and you’ll come close to picturing what Canyon de Chelly has to offer. If you want to plan on hiking Canyon de Chelly, you’ll need to know a bit about the area, the famous features, the logistical requirements of hiking there, and Canyon de Chelly tours with a Navajo tour guide.

Hiking Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly’s hiking trails offer a lot to see and discover, but you must have a Navajo guide with you on most hikes. There are many options for Canyon de Chelly tours that will take you hiking below the rim, but most are only day hikes. If you are interested in an overnight hiking tour of Canyon de Chelly, REI Adventures offers an incredible option that camps on the canyon floor for 3 nights, with a Navajo guide to lead you through the entire trip.

Hiking Trails in Canyon de Chelly

The White House Trail to the white house ruins is one of the few trails in Canyon de Chelly that is open for hiking without a Navajo guide. The hike begins at the White House Overlook trailhead and hikers descend from the overlook down the ruins in 1 mile (2+ miles roundtrip). The ruins are of a complex dwelling believed to have been built around the year 1070. It once had nearly 60 rooms and was home to over 50 people. Some of the ruins have been destroyed by weather and natural forces, but excavations have revealed many artifacts and burial sites.

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Because most hiking trails in Canyon de Chelly require a guide, many of the best hiking trails are little known. There are opportunities for ranger-led hikes in Canyon de Chelly as well and these can give you access to other areas. Although many visitors to the canyon enjoy the scenic views of imposing Spider Rock from the canyon’s rim, there are many that miss out on opportunities to hike on the canyon floor or hike up side canyons like Canyon del Muerto. Plan your visit carefully and with the help of a ranger or local guide, and you’ll see a lot more.

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