Bowser Highlands Golf Adventure Walkthrough (Story Mode)

Bowser Highlands Golf Adventure Walkthrough (Story Mode)
Bowser Highlands Golf Adventure Walkthrough (Story Mode)

This is a guide to completing all objectives in the Bowser Highlands area of Golf Adventure in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Find out how to pass each objective and clear each qualifying course to progress on your journey to becoming a pro!

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Bowser Highlands Objectives

Objective Battle the Snow King

Bowser Highlands Shop Equipment and Golf Clubs

Item Description Price Range Finder Allows you to use your golfwatch to determine shot distance. Elevation Finder Allows you to use your golfwatch to determine elevation change. Blue Shell 3 Wood Hits crisp, low-trajectory shots off of snow. Goomba 3 Hybrid Hits shots that are unaffected by ice. Ice Bro Approach Wedge Increases control on ice and snow. Heat Attire Reduces damage from gimmicks. Snow Shoes Reduces speed loss in snow.

List of All Unlockables

Golf Courses

Qualifying Course

Bowser HighlandsFirst 9 Holes Badge Unlocked Platinum Badge Course Conditions Number of Holes 9 Course Overview List of All Holes and How to Unlock

How to Clear this Course

Before battling the Snow King you first have to complete the First 9 Holes of Bowser Highlands. Unlike the regular course played in other game modes, many of the holes in Bowser Highlands will be snowed over.

Wario and Waluigi will also join you during the first 8 holes of the course. To complete the course, at least one member of your party needs to get a Par or better in each hole. There is also a time limit of one minute for each stroke.

It is best not to disrupt the progress of your companions through the course as they can be used as a backup, in case you are unable to make a Par. They also help take out some of the obstacles of the course. Whether or not your companions get a Par seems to be random regardless of the hole.

Getting Past the First 3 Holes

The first three holes of the course will mostly be covered in snow, and failing the course during this portion will force you to restart from Hole 1. Most holes in this part of the course are narrow and straight, so we advise using a long-distance club.

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During the first three holes, it is advised to move swiftly through the course to avoid the snowballs launch by the Mr. Blizzards, but also careful not to run into the Bob-ombs on the ground. It is not recommended to try launching any Bob-ombs as it will only subtract from your time.

In Hole 3, you can bypass much of the course by shooting your ball over the rough. Running through these areas also allows you to avoid many of the obstacles.

Getting Past Holes 4 to 6

The next three holes of the course are mostly volcanic with large lava pools surrounding the fairway. Failing this part of the course will not lose all your progress in the entire course, but will return you to Hole 4.

For this course, we recommend using backspins and accurate clubs to prevent your ball from falling in the lava. If your Mii character has a high enough power stat, you can attempt to shoot your ball over the lava pools. Otherwise, it is best to follow the path of the fairway.

Getting Past Holes 7 and 8

Holes 7 and 8 will be a mix of snowy and volcanic environments. You will have to look out for both the difficult obstacles of the first three holes and large lava pools. If you fail this part of the course, you will be brought back to Hole 7.

Because of the unique terrain of this course, it is best to steer clear of the edge of cliffs and lava pools. If your ball is hit by one of the Mr. Blizzard’s snowballs, it could cause it to fall over the edge.

The Final Hole

Before entering the final hole, Wario and Waluigi will leave you to finish the course alone. This means that you lose them as a lifeline and must get a Par or better to finish the course. Failing the final hole brings you back to the start of the hole.

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For this course, we recommend using a long-distance club to launch your ball to the right island at the start of the course then to the left island before reaching the green. This way, you can avoid many of the obstacles and make it to the green in as few as three strokes.

Boss Battles

The Snow King

The Snow King is the final boss of Mario Golf: Super Rush and the final challenge before completing the game. To finish the game and earn the Platinum Badge, check out our complete guide to beating the Snow King.

Snow King Boss Guide

Hazards and Obstacles Encountered

Obstacles and Hazards Lava Adds a +1 to your strokes in addition to the next shot.Appears on hole 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Bunkers Landing in a bunker will hinder your control and will require more power in the next shot to get back out.Appears on hole 1, 3, 6, 7. Mr. Blizzards Lauches large snowballs that can knock down players. Appears on hole 1, 2, 3, 7, 8. Freezies Block the path but can be destroyed with Special Dashes.Appears on hole 1, 3. Snow Pokeys Tall creatures that can block shots but can be taked down by balls and players.Appears on hole 1, 3. Bob-ombs If your shot hits a Bob-omb in standard golf, it will explode and send the ball flying off course.Appears on hole 1, 3, 7, 8. Whomps Whomps stand in the way of shots and can knock the ball off course.Appears on hole 2, 3. Podoboos Can block shots changing their course.Appears on hole 4, 5, 6, 9. Charvaargh Giant dragon-like monsters, which function as another large blockade for the player’s shots.Appears on hole 4, 5. Fire Bars Can interrupt you when you are lining up a shot.Appears on hole 4.

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List of All Hazards and Obstacles

Weather Conditions

Snowy and Windy

In Adventure Mode, most of Bowser Highlands is covered in snow, making it more hazardous to traverse the course. The course also experiences high amounts of wind which makes it more difficult to aim.

Weather Conditions and Effects

Recommended Equipment and Golf Clubs

Item Description How to Obtain Blue Shell 3 Wood Hits crisp, low-trajectory shots off of snow. Available in Bowser Highlands shop

In the first few holes of the course, this club helps get your ball quickly over the snowy terrain. However, we recommend supplementing it with another wood or driver for the more volcanic areas.

Item Description How to Obtain Bullet Bill 7 Iron Hits shots that are less susceptible to wind but harder to control. Available in Balmy Dunes shop

Due to the high winds of Bowser Highlands, we recommend bringing a wind-resistant club such as the Bullet Bill to help you make those precise shots.

Item Description How to Obtain Ice Bro Approach Wedge Increases control on ice and snow. Available in Bowser Highlands shop

The Ice Bro Approach Wedge is useful when you manage to get stuck in heavily snowed areas and also does well when used in regular sand bunkers.

Item Description How to Obtain Heat Attire Reduces damage from gimmicks. Available in Bowser Highlands shop

The Heat Attire is essential in the earlier stages of the course since you are constantly being pelted by snowballs from the Mr. Blizzards.

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