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Hybrid inverter of the manufacturer Goodwe of 3.6kW 48V bidirectional, designed for installations of last generation, the solar inverter GoodWe of the ES series incorporates 2 MPPT trackers and 100A battery charger. It manages the energy coming from the solar panels and uses it for the consumptions of the house, storing the surplus in the batteries. The Goodwe GW3648D-ES works in parallel with the electrical grid, battery or FV, with single-phase output and compatible with lithium and lead acid batteries in 48V.

The GoodWe photovoltaic inverter can work with grid connection systems and isolated systems, during the day the solar panels generate electricity that can be used to power the loads, export to the grid or charge the battery according to its configuration.

The stored energy can be used to feed the consumptions during the night. The GoodWe GW3648D-ES inverter can function as a charger inverter (100A), charging the batteries with the power grid.

Download Technical Sheet GoodWe GW3648D-ES

Hybrid System GoodWe ES

The GoodWe GW3648D-ES is designed for places where there is a significant gap between the price of electricity at peak and off-peak hours, with no incentives for photovoltaic installations. The GoodWe GW3648D-ES can achieve self-consumption up to 95%.

Greater self-consumption; During the sunrise and sunset the electrical energy produced by the solar panels optimizes the home’s own consumption, the surplus is used to charge the batteries and can be used when necessary, at night or when there is no photovoltaic production.

Peak shaving; Intelligent management of battery charge, the GoodWe acts as an intelligent energy management system, can be programmed to charge the electricity grid when the price of electricity is more batrato and use energy at peak times.

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Feeding critical loads; Small household appliances, such as refrigerators, routers, lamps, computers and other household appliances can be connected to the reserve supplies of the inverter, when there is no electrical grid the system is connected in milliseconds to the reserve power source.

GooWe inverter installation GW3648D-ES

The GoodWe ES SERIES photovoltaic hybrid inverter is easy to install, only basic electricity knowledge is required, for its installation we recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions, from Suministros del Sol we advise you on the installation of the inverter, we provide you with schemas and telephone advice. We also provide our technical team of installers, so that the solar installation works properly with full guarantee and is satisfied with the service provided.

Batteries compatible with the GoodWe solar inverter GW3648D-ES

The GoodWe GW3648D-ES 3600W and 48V is compatible with most solar batteries with 48V voltage, including lead acid batteries and lithium batteries. Among the batteries highlighted for installation from Suministros del Sol we recommend installing Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Oi), such as the LG Chem RESU battery, Pylontech batteries, BYD batteries for their excellent performance in efficiency and effectiveness levels.

Ver Baterías Compatibles GoodWe GW3048D-ES

Hybrid inverter monitoring Goodwe GW3048-EM

The GoodWe inverter incorporates a monitoring system, the manufacturer offers the following communication options to the monitoring portal;

EzLogger Pro, is a monitoring device developed by GoodWe that reads and records the key data of the system and transmits them through the internet to the GoodWe portal.

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Ezlogger, connects to the inverter via RS485, connects to the PC via Ethernet and transmits the data to the GoodWe EzExplorer monitoring software and to the GoodWe portal.

Ezlogger WI-FI, connects to the inverter via RS485, connects to the wireless router through an integrated Wi-Fi communication module and transmits the data to the GoodWe portal.

GoodWe GW3048-EM inverters warranty

GoodWe EM inverters guarantee is for 5 years, starting from start-up. Accessories, including WIFI and EzMeter with a 2-year warranty. From the date of manufacture of GOODWE. “EzMeter and WIFI integrated”

Buy GoodWe inverter GW3648D-ES

Buy the GoodWe photovoltaic inverter is easy, simple and at a cheap price in Suministros del Sol, our technical and commercial team will advise you on the range of Goodwe solar inverters, both of the ES series and of the others of the GoodWe manufacturer. Contact us about prices of solar inverters, we will propose the best solution for the improvement of the operation of your solar installation.

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