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Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

Best Golf Rain Gear 2023 – Results

ProductWaterproofing Breathability Comfort Fit Total The Kjus Pro 3l 2.0 golf rain gear jacketKJUS Pro 3L 2.01st3rd4th1st 98.75 Galvin Green Allister golf rain gear jacketGalvin Green Alister2nd1st6th2nd 98.5 Kjus Pro 3L is a comfortable golf rain gear jacket.Abacus Pitch 37.5 Jacket10h3rd1st6th97.75 Close up on Galvin Rain golf rain gear logoGalvin Green Armstrong2nd 5th6th2nd 97.5 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023KJUS Dexter II 2.5L 17th2nd4th4th 97 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023KJUS Gemini2nd 6th8th6th96.25 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Galway Bay Long Sleeve All-Weather Jacket2nd 11th9th8th94.75 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Abacus Bounce Rain Jacket10th 6th11th10th94.75 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie15h6th1st13th94 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Abacus Links Stretch Rain 10th16th12th8th93.5 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Nike Storm Fit ADV Golf19th11th1st11th93 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023FootJoy HydroKnit Pullover14th10th9th13th93 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023FootJoy HydroTour2nd11th13th11th92.75 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Callaway StormGuard17th6th13th13th91.5 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Adidas Rain RDY Jacket15th11th13th13th91 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Jack Wolfskin Tapeless 2.0 Jacket2nd 17th13th13th90.75 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Jack Wolfskin Prelight 2.5 L Jacket2nd17th13th20th90.5 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023FootJoy Select LS21st11th13th13th88.5 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023Nike Gore-Tex Infinium10th17th13th21st88.5 Best Golf Rain Gear 2023FootJoy HydroLite20th17th13th13th87.75

Golf Rain Gear Features That Matter


Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

How can a waterproof golf jacket be breathable? The difference lies in the definition. Breathability is not a function of air permeability but how much moisture is allowed to pass through from the inside to the outside of the jacket.

In layman’s terms, breathable fabric allows water vapor produced by your sweat and body heat to escape, further keeping you comfortable and dry.

The best golf rain gear is exceptionally breathable while also maintaining its waterproofness. The most breathable golf rain jackets are the KJUS Dexter II 2.5L and the Galvin Green Alister. Both are great options for those of you who run hot.


Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

Adding a layer of clothing can be detrimental to your swing without a proper fit. The last thing you want is baggy golf rain gear restricting your range of motion. The fit is also important for the sake of waterproofness. Tight-fitting sleeves and a well-constructed neckline aid in keeping you dry.

The Galvin Green Alister rain jacket provided a great tailored fit, with the addition of chest straps to tighten any loose material around the chest and midsection.

The KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 also provided an exceptional and unrestricted fit. The adjustable drawstrings within the pockets allow you to dial in the waist and stop the midsection from becoming baggy.


Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

Another major aspect of golf rain gear is comfort. Similar to fit, a well-designed golf rain jacket or rain pants gives the illusion of nothingness. That is to say that golf rain gear should be comfortable enough that you hardly notice you’re wearing it.

Most comfort comes from the addition of stretch panels near the back or shoulders that move with you as your swing. But the overall weight and even the softness of the material can contribute to the overall comfort of your golf rain gear.

If at any point in the golf swing your golf rain gear becomes uncomfortable or restrictive, this is a problem. The most comfortable golf rain jacket is the Abacus Pitch 37.5 and Abacus Bounce Waterproof Hoodie.

As far as rain pants go, the KJUS Dexter II and Galway Bay Seagrove Chino Rain Pant are the most comfortable.


What good is golf rain gear if it doesn’t repel the rain? The best golf rain gear does all of the above and is waterproof. This feature can not be compromised or the entire rain jacket and/or rain pants are useless.

Waterproofness depends largely on the ability of a material to not only resist but repel water completely. Visually, this equates to water that beads or bounces off the rain gear rather than soaking into the material. Waterproofness is created through the chemical treatment of materials, generally in the form of a “membrane-like” coating.

A garment is considered waterproof if the pores in the material are smaller than a water droplet, thus making it impervious to water. That said, the pores must also be large enough to allow water vapor to make its way out of the jacket (the breathability we mentioned).

While the majority of golf rain gear excels in this regard, both the Galvin Green Alister and KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 rain jackets were the best of the best.

The KJUS Pro 3L 2.0 also features rain gutter sleeves that direct water away from the grip and towards the top of your hands. This is an important feature and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

More Golf Rain Gear Tips

Best Golf Rain Gear 2023
  • The KJUS Gemini rain jacket is reversible with the light side keeping you up to 10 degrees cooler.
  • While most rain pants are designed to be worn over your existing clothing, Galway Bay’s Seagrove Chino Rain Pant can be worn as a stand-alone piece on and off the course.
  • The KJUS Dexter II 2.5L can be folded up into an attached carrying pouch for storage. It’s extremely small and lightweight, making it ideal for those who carry or travel.

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